To Keep Away The Chill

A collection that grew out of requests from my fans of historical fiction, that ranges from ghosts on the open plains in the US, to High-Society London and back to mid-Western America, all during Queen Victoria's reign. Some are based on true stories (The Bell Witch in TN) and some are the way I wish things were, without all the rules and class distinctions.

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The Gaslight Journal

When Isabella Audley returns home to Fairtown, NY for the first time in three-years and learns that her family is now poor, to this forward-thinking woman of 1881 high-Society whose secret desires are to abolish Societal rules and marry a filthy-rich husband, she realizes to be dead would be the honorable option.

Excited to finally spend holiday with her mother, Lilly, see cherished friends, and step back into the life of privilege she's always known, her bliss is cut short just moments after returning to town.

While rummaging for decorations one afternoon, "Izzy" finds her deceased father's journal. When she learns that Lilly tried to hide the secret hidden in its pages (a secret that’s already set the course for their family’s destruction), their relationship deteriorates.

Only Thomas, a childhood friend, whom she soon discovers has a secret of his own, has it in his power to pull them from ruin. As Izzy finds herself falling for him, it's soon apparent that their difference in stations, caused by her slip in status, may prevent them from finding the happiness they were meant to have.

"What a delight to sink into the life and times of Isabella Audley, a young Victorian woman ensconced in the rituals of the English gentry, the constraints of social class, the expectations of propriety. From the opening sentences of The Gaslight Journal, the reader immerses in the formal language of those long-ago days when bustles adorned the ladies, servants joyfully attended their needs, and society's taut structure challenged a thoughtful woman's quest for romance and fulfillment. Fans of Jane Austen will enjoy Carla René's atmospheric novel.

It is well worth spending time with the author's Introduction, as well. Where Isabella, the character, copes with the nature of her Victorian times, René has coped with the nature of her times, pushed to lowest reaches of America's economic social strata by the hard economy. A woman forced to live in her car out of economic necessity is to be pitied. A woman who slept in a car with her cats and still had the courage to write this fine novel is to be admired. Courage, in the book, wore a corset. Courage, in Meltdown America, wears jeans." --Thomas Dulaney, author and journalist

The Gaslight Journal, René's first novel, is a historical fiction that deals with René's own fascination of societal classes and their direct effects on those who aren't accepted.  Written with the beauty of the language of the day, you can grab the first chapter here, for FREE! Look for Book II in the Series, The Lady's Maid, in 2012.

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Zen In The Art of Absurdity

Zen In the Art of Absurdity (Comedic short stories and essays that will make you want to shove forks through your eyes) is now available for download through the links below:

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"A quiltwork of quirky, quick, quaint, quippish, quixotry, and quasi shorts. Tongue-in-cheek is what I meant to say and she does it well. It is difficult not to smile and shake your head during the snippets she has put together. The stories run the gambit and her imagination has gone wild and run amuck. Be prepared to experience a jigsaw puzzle that is just not put together just right, but works out for the best." --Giovanni Gelati, The Gelati Scoop

Guns Don't Kill People...My Uncle Does

Guns Don't Kill People...My Uncle Does (A Varied Collection of Short-Stories
Geared for a Man)
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Past Accomplishments and News

Writing the Great American Leaflet this week's guest column by Carla on Gelati's Scoop, September 4.

Zen reviewed for Gelati's Scoop, August 28

Freaks and Geeks purchased by HerNashville.com for publication

NightReading Publishing  The Gaslight Journal nominated for book-of-the-month for September

1st Turningpoint.com  Carla featured guest columnist Oct. 4

Authonomy.com  The Gaslight Journal at #1 for the week of 8/19!

Speakwithoutinterruption.com Carla accepted as contributing author

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