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A Most Devout Coward now available for Pre-Order!

Available for release on September 1, 2014 two full weeks before the book's official September 15 release, reserve your copy now.  Go here to choose your version and check out with PayPal.

Carla sells four-comedic short-stories in one-month!

Carla's been busy submitting her comedy pieces to traditional publishers, and has sold a total of three to periodicals within the month of April.

Johnny and Roy has been purchased by The Cynic Online and appears in the May 16 issue. This roaring comedic essay is about her nine-year-old crush on the two actors from Emergency!--Randolph Mantooth, who played the rambunctious and adorable John Gage, and Kevin Tighe, who played his shyer but level-headed partner, Roy DeSoto. Little did she know, this would also turn into her very first stalking case.  You can get it here.

Pardon Me Miss, But Are Those Your Knickers in the Sink? was also purchased by The Cynic Online at the same time, and will appear in their June 16 issue. (Check back for details as to when and where they're available.) This comedic essay is about the time she was recently homeless and lived in her Volvo with her two cats, both of whom she still has. This essay will also appear in the fall issue of The Dark Comedy Review, so it will see print twice this year.

Sleep Walker, the fictional story based on her real-life experiences in living with Systemic Lupus, has been purchased for publication by Breath and Shadow magazine, a magazine specifically written for and by people with disabilities.  It will appear in their fall, 2011 issue.

Newly-Released: To Keep Away The Chill

Thanks to the numerous requests from my readers, I've now released a collection of short-stories set solely in the reign of Queen Victoria.  They range from the plains in America and country folk, to high-Society London, England.

A Shadow’s Passing is the quintessential gothic ghost story, with misdirection and surprises--the perfect steampunk genre story. If you like stories from The Oxford Collection of Victorian Ghost Stories, then you’ll love this one. Find out what happens when Mrs. Trumador’s maid doesn’t show up for work on Monday as expected.

To Keep Away The Chill--this title story settles on a plains family faced with the ultimate mid-Winter with no resourced but their own family.

A Most Traditional Christmas takes us to London, England and high-Society, and Ella Washington. When her Reverend father dies, and she discovers her Faith was wrapped up in him, she’s now faced with a major life-changing decision.

A Sleep To Startls Us is my lauded short-story about Charles Dickens and his trip to the Field Lane Ragged School. After witnessing the abject pain and suffering of so many, he decides never to write again--long before he ever wrote A Christmas Carol. But a meeting one night with his own soon-to-be-written fictional ghost changes Dickens forever. Titled after an actual Dickens essay, this short weaves historical fact with the magic question, “What if?”

Stone Witch--in 1817 in Robertson County, Tennessee, a prairie family is tormented by a dark entity, that eventually reveals itself as Kate Batts, a well-known witch of the town of Adams. She soon becomes known as The Bell Witch. This is a fictional account of one of those hauntings that lasted for four-years, based on the true story. For more information on this very real and highly-documented and witnessed event, visit .

The Tapestry takes us on a journey through one woman’s life. A literary fiction that uses three short-stories, it follows the life of Jane, a young girl who dreamed of mighty things, until one tragic event changed that dynamic forever, to an unavoidable end.

Secrets is my previously-published Victorian short that centres on the dark theme of addiction--a malady that was never spoken of in the time, and how one woman ends up entagled is a web of deceit of her own making in an attempt to cover that addiction. Published in January, 2011 by the prestigious Copperfield Review.

Excerpt from
The Gaslight Journal--Chapter One included. Reviews have been comparing it to Jane Austen, so if you love her, you’ll love this novel. This is Book I of The Gaslight Series, with Book II, The Lady's Maid, coming in 2012.

To Keep Away The Chill is now available for download through the links below:

Amazon Kindle


Barnes and Noble

SECRETS just published by The Copperfield Review

Carla's newest Victorian short-story, entitled SECRETS, has just been published in the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Copperfield Review, a prestigious and long-standing periodical publisher of historical fiction.  You may enjoy the fiction edition here, and the story for free, here.

Instant News

Carla returns to University on June 6!

Just accepted as a degree candidate in Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics at Tennesse Tech University.

aNoWriMo winner  She crossed the finish line 5 days early with 51,000 words.

TheIndieSpotlight  Carla featured author on 11/19/10. See it here.

NightReading Publishing  The Gaslight Journal nominated for book-of-the-day for October 25, 2010 Carla hired as Nashville Comedy Examiner

1st Carla to be featured columnist set for Jan. 5